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Title: Run-on Sentences, Comma Splices and Sentence Fragments 1 Run-on Sentences, Comma Splices and Sentence Fragments 2 What kind of sentence is this? Knowing that millions of people around the world would be watching in person and on television and expecting great things from him at least one more gold medal for America, if not another world A run-on sentence with a comma splice consists of two independent clauses separated by a comma and missing a conjunction —for example: I need a new TV, mine’s broken. The movie was good, the special effects were awesome. These could be corrected in a number of ways.

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Comma splices can be considered run-on sentences, or simply punctuation errors. In this article we’ll learn 3 different ways to fix a comma splice. Comma Splice Examples. Below are 4 sentences that contain comma splices. 1. I don’t know what he’s doing, I didn’t ask him.
Sentence fragments, comma splices, and run-on sentences are three of the most common writing errors. Here are some tips on recognizing and correcting these Sentence fragment (Incomplete sentence). A sentence must (1) contain both a subject and a verb and (2) express a complete thought.See full list on

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There are three variations of run-on sentences: sentences that use only a comma to join independent clauses, or "comma splices," sentences without any punctuation at all connecting independent clauses, or "fused sentences," and sentences that are simply joined by coordinating conjunctions like "and," without a comma.
COMMA SPLICE (form of a run on) I love camping, it would be awesome if I had a motor home. A comma is NOT strong enough to join two complete sentences. You could use a Period Semi colon Comma and Coordinating Conjunction (FANBOY – for, and, nor, but, or, yet) The Run-On Sentence: How To Avoid It A run-on sentence is bad news, folks. It's two or more independent clauses that are not separated with a colon , semicolon, or period.

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Run-on sentences usually occur as comma splices or fused sentences. A fused sentence occurs when independent clauses are joined with no punctuation. A comma splice occurs when only a comma joins two independent clauses. An independent clause is a sentence. It can stand alone and make sense. A dependent clause is a fragment.
Comma Splices - Exercise 1 Instructions. Decide if the sentence is a comma splice or a complete sentence by clicking on the red button next to your choice. This will turn the button yellow. If you accidentally click on the wrong button, simply click on the button you meant to select. RUN-ONS: FUSED SENTENCES & COMMA SPLICES. Student Services Office. A compound sentence contains more than one independent clause, and when a compound . sentence is not punctuated correctly, it becomes a run-on sentence. There are two types of run-on sentences: fused sentences and comma splices. Fused sentences lack proper punctuation.

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1 Correcting Comma Splices. 2 Fixing Fused Sentences. 3 Identifying Run-On Sentences. A run-on on sentence has two or more independent clauses that are not connected properly. An independent clause is one that has a subject (a noun or pronoun or something acting as a noun, a...
My Dashboard; Pages; Module 1 - Sentence Fragments, Run-On Sentences and Comma Splices If there is no punctuation there instead of a comma, it is known as a run-on sentence. Is this a fragment comma splice or a run on sentence Jay went sightseeing on his own and caught up with the ...

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Run-on sentences: incorrect punctuation used to join different parts of a sentence. Sentence fragments: missing necessary components to form a full Comma splices can also appear in longer sentences with multiple clauses. In this context they are especially likely to cause confusion.
A comma splice, one form of a run-on sentence, occurs when a writer has connected two main clauses with a comma. A main clause is a complete thought, also known as a complete sentence, so you should not find a wimpy comma struggling to join two such powerful clauses. Note: This page is also available as a Microsoft Word document, although the document does not include outside links to reference materials. Run on sentence: When a sentence has two independent clauses, but they are not connected properly, the sentence is called a run on sentence. There is no pause and expression in such sentences. It is very important to correct such mistakes and run on and comma splice checker is used for the correction.

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Run-Ons and Comma Splices RUN-ON SENTENCES Definition: A run-on sentence occurs when two complete independent clauses are mistakenly combined into one sentence without any punctuation. The sentence doesn't have to be long to be a run-on. Example: The ice cream melted in the sun and it ran down my hand.
Write “CS” in the blank beside each comma splice and “RO” in the blank beside each run-on sentence. Some sentences are correct. You may mark these as “C.” During rush hour the streets of Canton are full of bicycles, the buses travel slowly to avoid hitting them. ____ Jennifer and Tony were high school students they quit school and got married.